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About Mr Grade English Subject Private Tuition

Before moving to Norwich, Norfolk, Raymond Watts, BA Hons. (Mr Grade) spent the early part of his life, growing up in the East End of London.

As a mature student, Mr Grade gained his BA Honours Degree in English and Psychology in 2001. He continued his academic career by achieving a Post Graduate Degree in Education for Students at 16 plus, teaching English and Psychology within a College and Sixth Form setting.

Mr Grade found that students who struggled in the college setting had ‘gaps’ missing from their previous education in the lower schools. As a result, Mr Grade felt that he could help students by achieving a Qualified Teaching Status so that he could better prepare students in Secondary Education. Mr Grade is passionate about young people progressing, successfully, to either their academic or work-related careers at college.

Mr Grade has taught in the Primary setting, teaching the English skills that young children need, to enter confidently, into Secondary Education.

Mr Grade believes in ‘giving back to the community’ the chances that education had given him, which spurred him to teach both young people and mature students so they become ‘the very best versions of themselves.’

In recent years, he has taught English Language and Literature up to GCSE in both Norfolk and Suffolk.

Mr Grade has an Enhanced DBS check.

Mr Grade currently lives in Norwich, Norfolk UK with his wife and two teenage daughters.

For an initial consultation please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mr Grade:
t: 07810 878715
e: learn@mrgrade.co.uk

Mr Grade can help with English Language and Literature learning

Benefits of private English tuition and what can be learned based upon the Assessment Objectives from the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA).


Learn to read so that you understand and summarise the obvious meaning and not so obvious meaning in a given piece of writing.

Learn to make comparisons between two different pieces of writing, looking for similarities and differences.


Learn how the writer uses words, phrases and structure to immerse the reader into the plot.

Learn the Subject Terminology to support your views.


Learn to figure out what a writer’s opinions are on a topic and why their ideas might be coming from that angle.

Learning how a writer makes comparisons and highlights the differences across two texts either in English Language or Literature.

Learn to make the right choices for analysing words or full quotes from a piece of writing.


Learn to make a comment on whether the writer has achieved their aim with provoking a particular reaction from the reader.


Learn to write clearly and effectively for persuasive, informative or creative writing.


Learning to write with correct paragraphing and differing sentence styles for formal or informal writing.

Learn to explore adventurous vocabulary, applying punctuation to improve your writing style.

For an initial consultation please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mr Grade:
t: 07810 878715
e: learn@mrgrade.co.uk

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